Mittie Root’s New Album At Joseph Beth Booksellers!

Life has been pretty exciting lately. As I venture into the crazy world of childrens music, I realize that it is quite HUGE and getting the word out will be quite an undertaking! The ever growing genre is expanding daily as new albums are published and brought to life. I truly had no idea just how massive it was.

With that being said, I am a musician born and raised in Taylor Mill, Kentucky and just how can little ol’ me spread the word about Mittie Root music? Besides the obvious of hiring a promoter (which is not in the budget), I really am relying on friends and family who believe in this project to share the love and tell their friends who in turn will tell their friends who will tell their friends, you get the picture. I am hoping that it spreads little by little, inching its way through the bluegrass hills of Kentucky and beyond.

It’s starting! People are telling people! The Till the Cows Come Home Album is now available at Joseph Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati, OH thanks to the amazing staff in the Children’s Department and a little encouragement from a friend. If you have never visited the kids area at Joseph Beth, it will be well worth your trip. Come and enjoy story time (M-W-F at 10:30am) AND pick up a copy of the album before you head home and play it in the minivan- Mittie can sing them right into nap time.

I wonder just what will happen next?

If you live out of town and can’t buy it in Cincinnati, head over here for other options.

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