Mittie Root Loves Small Towns.

I have been on a working vacation with the hubby. We ventured into Campbellsville, Kentucky to celebrate the 4th of July with some dear friends. Little did we know that this town had the largest Independence Day celebration in the entire state of Kentucky!

It started with a very very very long parade full of John Deere tractors, John Deere Tractorsfiretrucks, marching bands, cheerleaders, pageant winners, floats of all varieties of which my favorite was the Veteran’s floatVeteran's Float in the Campbellsville 4th of July Parade and of course lots of candy. I taught the many kids nearby how to wave and smile to get more candy. Genius huh?

We made our way down Main Street and found funnel cakes and ice cream, [Ever heard of a loaded cantaloupe? You're not missing anything] celebrating till the sun went down with fireworks and my best homemade apple pie!

I sure do love small towns.

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