Mittie Root is honored.

I feel so honored. The “Till the Cows Come Home” album release party was wonderful. 100+ guests were there both young and old and as we sang songs from the album, everyone joyfully sang along.

From where I stood I could see….

    - Little ones trying to snap, clap and whistle
    - Fathers swaying back and forth with smiling babies
    - Young children learning how to count down from 3 to “3 Little Birds on a Wire”
    - People enjoying homemade carrot cake, banana bread and pretzel rods dipped in chocolate
    - Many people singing along, “la la’s” and all
    - Children standing on tiptoes trying to reach the yummy treats
    - A little line at the merchandise table, supporting Mittie Root by buying an album
    - Children coloring a Mittie Root coloring page
    - Beautiful art all around the Redtree Gallery
    - Van doors opening up and dropping off more families at the front entrance
    - My nephew getting his dancing moves on
    - My grandma bouncing a little one on her knee
    - Friends cheering me on, sitting on the front row
    - New faces who ventured out with their families to hear something new

Thank you all so much for coming and celebrating with me. It was a very sweet evening. I’ve been truly blessed by each and every one of you.


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