Mittie Root has a free printable coloring page for you!

Mittie Root loves to color. Yes everyone knows that she’s in her thirties but big kids can color too. So, Mittie wants you to have a little freebie gift as there’s just something about a free printable coloring page that’ll make you smile.

If you’re a big kid like Mittie and want to color, print off a few sheets head to your comfy chair and color away or simply print off a few copies and give it to any little ones you know who might like to color. Better still, copy one for you and one for your little ones and color TOGETHER!

BTW: Mittie Root’s friend Arian Armstrong created this picture for Mittie’s new music album “Till the Cows Come Home.” Thank you Arian! Mittie thinks the coloring is sweeter if you sing along to the album while you color.

Can you color and whistle at the same time?

Mittie Root Coloring Page

3 Responses to “Mittie Root has a free printable coloring page for you!”

  • Kendall Says:

    I recently purchased your CD from a local bookstore.
    I LOVE it. I have three little girls that have also been enjoying it with me!

  • mittie Says:

    Why thank you Kendall! I am so glad that you took a chance on me and purchased a copy! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  • Kendall Says:

    Your so welcome! I am a children’s photographer and I was actually wondering if i could use some of your songs on my website? I would put a link to your site from mine. Thanks!

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